These KPOP goddesses’ moms show that their daughters’ beauty is natural 

K-pop idols always possess a beautiful appearance that makes fans fall in love.

Many idols are suspected of getting plastic surgery to improve their visuals. However, these pictures of the idols’ mothers immediately proved these rumors wrong.

K-pop idols moms
Naturally beautiful idols all inherit their visuals from their mothers. (Photo: Pinterest)


The 4 members of BLACKPINK all have their own beautiful traits, creating a lineup with no visual flaws. Jisoo is the member most praised for her pretty face and standard Korean visuals.  Along with that, she also has a luxurious aura, which is suitable for the standards of big fashion brands.

BLACKPINK is considered to be the group that has no dancing flaws. (Photo: Pinterest)

The natural beauty Jisoo possesses is inherited from her mother. In a previously released photo, Jisoo’s mother caused a stir with her royal aura. Even though the female idol’s mother has become a grandmother, her dress and style are still fashionable.

K-pop idols moms
It’s no coincidence that Jisoo is so beautiful. (Photo: Twitter jichusblush)

Jennie with the title “Miss Chanel” also has a mother who looks just as luxurious as her. Every time Jennie’s mother appeared next to her daughter, she made people flutter with her rich image in expensive clothes. Besides, the idol’s mother also surprised many people with her ageless beauty.

K-pop idols moms
Fans can easily understand where Jennie’s chic aura comes from. (Twitter photo deeply_dew)
K-pop idols moms
Jennie’s mother often accompanies her to many events. (Photo: Twitter jennieee)
K-pop idols moms
The mother and daughter often go shopping together and always wear very fashionable clothes. (Photo: Pinterest)

Lisa‘s mother has always shown firm support for her daughter to be active in the music industry and overcome many difficulties and challenges.  In addition, she always takes the time to attend BLACKPINK’s concerts and cheer for Lisa.

K-pop idols moms
Lisa is lucky to have a warm-hearted and understanding mother. (Photo: allkpop)

Fans know that Rosé has a sister. However, the beauty of the two was surely inherited from their mother. A rare photo of the main vocalist’s mother was revealed and has captivated fans’ hearts with her gentle, loving looks.

K-pop idols moms
Rare image of Rosé’s mother. (Photo: allkpop)


When it comes to Gen 2 female idols, Jiyeon (T-ara) is always mentioned. She was once called little Kim Tae Hee for her beauty. 

T-ara Jiyeon
Jiyeon’s pure beauty makes it hard for fans to take their eyes off.  (Photo: Pinterest)

People are jealous because Jiyeon comes from a beautiful family. Her beauty is completely inherited from her parents. The old picture of Jiyeon’s mother made people mistake her for a star thanks to her straight nose, aesthetic aura and trendy clothes.

K-pop idols moms
The picture of Jiyeon’s mother made many people admire. (Photo: allkpop)
K-pop idols moms
She is not inferior to her KPOP celebrity daughter in terms of appearance (Photo: Naver)

Tzuyu (TWICE)

Tzuyu is the visual of the JYP girl group TWICE. The Taiwanese-born female idol brings a sense of a clear, gentle but still attractive beauty. In addition, her slim figure and excellent hip curve are also advantages that help the female idol sit firmly in the K-pop beauty charts.

K-pop idols moms
Tzuyu’s beauty makes many people flutter. (Photo: Pinterest)

Many people will be “shocked” by Tzuyu’s extremely beautiful genetics. While Tzuyu looks quite gentle, the female idol’s mother looks somewhat sharper, her big eyes and pretty mouth together create a 10-out-of-10 face. Not active in showbiz but Tzuyu’s mother can be mistaken for a Taiwanese star.

K-pop idols moms
Tzuyu’s mother looks like a movie actress. (Photo: allkpop)
K-pop idols moms
Her beauty does not fade as she ages (Photo: allkpop)

Sana (TWICE)

When appearing in a program, Sana introduced her parents to fans. As soon as her mother appeared, she made the whole online community talk about her extremely young appearance. She looked like she was in her 30s with her curly brown hair and bangs. Even when standing next to her famous daughter, she is not inferior in any way.

K-pop idols moms
People were surprised by the beauty of Sana’s mother. (Photo: allkpop)


Since her debut with SNSD, Jessica has been called an “ice princess” because of her cold but enchanting beauty. This cold aura of hers is inherited from her mother. The female idol’s mother has a luxurious appearance, a standard fashion style for the rich and especially a face that seems to have been forgotten by time.

K-pop idols moms
Jessica’s beauty turned out to be from her mother. (Photo: Pinterest)

Looking at these pictures of female idols’ mothers, fans can understand why they are so beautiful. These idols must have been grateful to their mothers for giving birth to them with such excellent looks.

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