The unforgettable friendship in K-dramas that charm their audience: “Business Proposal” BFF stands out 

Viewers are fond of these concrete and tight-knit female friendships. 

Not every Korean drama involves a fiery relationship between the female lead and second lead. The viewers are in for a pleasant watching experience when they break their own barriers and cultivate a close and admirable friendship. 

Goblin (2016) 

While the relationship between Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) and Sunny (Yoo In Na) is not the closest in “Goblin”, their dynamic is still loved by viewers of the series. They both fall for immortal beings, which binds the two as sisters going through the same situations. Eun Tak and Sunny know each other’s backs and share several adorable and hilarious moments. Relationships sometimes spark by having someone listen to  one’s stories or make one smile after a bad thing happened. 

High Kick Through the Roof (season 2) (2010) 

Not actually friends at first sight, Heri and Shin Ae’s relationship from “High Kick Through the Roof” is captivating for its uniqueness and development. In the beginning, Heri appears as the younger sister of the helper to the family and she enjoys bullying and disturbing Shin Ae. However, Shin Ae is not always annoyed by Heri. Gradually, the pair becomes the piece that cannot be missed from each other’s lives. Even the two themselves does not recognize that. When it is time for Shin Ae to leave, Heri cries her eyes out, realizing their friendship is precious and has become a part of her life. 

She Was Pretty (2015) 

In “She Was Pretty”, Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) and Ha RI (Go Joon Hee) are long-term best friends who stick together despite the differences in appearance and background. Ha Ri is famous, beautiful and was born into a wealthy family. Yet, she never despises or abandons her friend, Hye Jin. Their friendship is challenged only when she starts to fall for Sung Joon (Park Seo Joon). Nevertheless, for the sake of their relationship, Ha Ri subdues her feelings and lets the main couple come together. 

Reply 1997 (2012) 

“Reply 1997” screens a friendship that does not need any shared interest in order to stay firm. Shi Won (Jung Eun Ji) is a fan of the famous group H.O.T while Yoo Jung (Shin So Yul) is a fan of another. The different interests do not leave a crack in their friendship but strengthens it. When their biased groups rival with each other, the friends cut their hair to show their solidarity. Moreover, Shi Won and Yoo Jung are companions through various milestones of youth well into adulthood. 

Business Proposal (2022) 

Despite the familiar Cinderella story, “Business Proposal” is still an attraction for the close and intimate relationship of the characters. Ha Ri (Kim Se Jeong) and Young Seo (Seol In Ah) are the favorite duo for a friendship that overcomes any obstacles. In spite of her high status, Young Seo always feels comfortable at Ha Ri’s home and her family. In return, Ha Ri grows in confidence and courage thanks to her friend’s support and encouragement. Their friendship ends on a good note with each living a happy life with their loved ones while having each other’s backs. 

Source: Soompi

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