The top mixed female Kpop idols of the 4th generation 

The 4th generation of Kpop is filled with visuals from all sources of origins. However, a lot of attention is being paid to mixed idols. 

These mixed Kpop idols are receiving a lot of attention for their unique appearances, and hailed as prospective top visuals of the 4th generation. 

K-pop female idols


Debuted with the Kpop group LAPILLUS under the same company with Momoland, Chanty became a hot topic for being mixed between Philippines and Argentina. Born in 2002, Chanty is already blossoming with her beauty. 

LAPILLUS Chanty is from Philippines and Argentina
The female idol is well-known for her visuals

In fact, even before her Kpop debut, Chanty is already famous in her home nation. Many fans express regret that she chose MLD Entertainment, as the company has a bad history of mismanaging their artists. 

Chanty suits the natural style of makeup with her femininity

Danielle (NEWJEANS)

HYBE Labels recently released a new girl group called “NEWJEANS” under their subsidiary ADOR, and one of the member, Danielle, is going viral. Old photos of the female idol, whose real name is Mo Jihye, is mixed between Australia and Korea, is drawing attention with various netizens praising her for her cuteness. 

Danielle’s charming curly hair
Netizens are really into the female idol’s mixed look

Giselle (aespa) 

Born to a Japanese-Korean household, Giselle boasts her own unique charms. At first, she was criticized for being a “visual hole” in aespa, but overtime, opinions have largely changed. 

Giselle is looking more and more gorgeous through each comeback

However, netizens are changing their mind with aespa’s newer products, as Giselle worked hard to lose weight and find a makeup and hair style that suits her. 

Once criticized for her looks, Giselle is making netizens turn their heads
The female idol worked hard to overcome harsh comments from netizens

Huening Bahiyyih (Kep1er)

Huening Bahiyyih was born in 2004 to an American-Korean household, and is considered the next representative mixed visual of Kpop. 

huening bahiyyih
Huening Bahiyyih drew attention with her stunning looks and physique

With her Western looks, Huening Bahiyyih drew mixed reactions when she appeared on the Mnet survival show “Girls Planet 999”. However, overtime, most netizens seem to have been swayed by her improved visuals. 

huening bahiyyih
Huening Bahiyyih has a strong stage presence 
huening bahiyyih
The female idol is well-known for her mixed looks and is often compared to a princess


Lily became famous at the age of 12 when she participated in Kpop Star season 4. She also regularly appeared on TV shows since she was a child. After many years of training, the female singer officially debuted as a member of JYP’s newest girl group NMIXX.

The 20-year-old singer’s mother is Korean and her father is Australian. She was often called “the second Lisa”.

Lily’s impressive appearance. 
She was said to look just like BLACKPINK Lisa. 
The female idol possesses the beauty of both Australian and Korean bloodlines. 

Jeon Somi

Jeon Somi is one of the most beautiful female idols of the K-pop fourth generation. Her father is Canadian while her mother is Korean. Besides her excellent vocal, the beauty born in 2001 is also well-known for her gorgeous appearance, which is a combination of Canadian and Korean bloodlines.

jeon somi
Somi’s western beauty makes people flutter. 
Jeon Somi-Saint Laurent
Somi’s slim body and long legs is the dream of many young girls. 
jeon somi
Her beauty is often upgraded with trendy makeup styles.

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