“The thing that Lee Soo-man can’t do?”… Bang Si-hyuk had a reason for his confidence when he created “this”

“HYBE is gathering fans through the new app launched for the rookie girl group NewJeans!… Bang Si-hyuk is doing everything”

HYBE is attracting keen attention by releasing a new “fandom platform”. Unlike Weverse, which is being used by various artists, this is an app dedicated to the communication of only one idol group and their fans. While the absence of BTS’s group activities is expected to cause a great loss, attention is focused on whether HYBE’s “new concept platform” will become a stable channel to gain profit.

On July 26th, HYBE announced the release of the “Phoning” app, a platform dedicated to fan communication. Launched for HYBE’s new girl group NewJeans, this app was developed with the concept of NewJeans and fans sharing one phone. 


Through “Phoning”, fans can share real-time live broadcasts, chatting, photo albums, and calendars with New Jeans. In particular, HYBE emphasized, “Real-time live broadcasts on this app are conducted in the form of video calls and fans can get the experience of receiving calls from NewJeans”. Real-time live broadcasts will be uploaded to the “missed call” list after they end and can be replayed. 

A function to communicate with the members has also been added to “Phoning”. Photos and videos shared by NewJeans through the chat window can be stored in the photo album, and UI-UX, which allows the members to send cheering messages through comments in the schedule, has also been applied.


HYBE has been a pioneer in the “fandom platform” market for a long time. Weverse, which is used by BTS, has more than 38 million subscribers and it is maintaining its position as the unrivaled No.1 fan communication platform in the entertainment industry. As of the first half of last year, SM Entertainment’s Dear U had less than 2 million subscribers. In addition, HYBE is also attracting fans by releasing games with its intellectual property rights (IP).

In addition to the new platform, the stock market is also showing interest in HYBE’s new girl group. Park Da-kyeom, a researcher at Hi Investment & Securities, mentioned the “Phoning” app as an example and said, “HYBE is proving their ability to differentiate themselves in hit IP’s monetization strength”, emphasizing that it is necessary to pay attention to HYBE’s attempts to expand new businesses and strengthen its IP despite the absence of BTS’s performances. 

Source: Heraldcorp

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