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The reason why redhead Aiki suddenly dyed her hair black: It’s because of this person 

Dancer Aiki revealed the reason why she went back to black hair.

In the recent episode of MBC’s entertainment program “Omniscient Interfering View”, which aired on October 8th, dancer and choreographer Aiki made a guest appearance and revealed that she was preparing for her first solo concert.


On this day, Aiki surprised everyone by appearing in the studio with black hair rather than her trademark red hair. She said, “I dyed my hair yesterday because of concert preparation, and today’s my first schedule (with black hair).”

Aiki explained why she dyed her hair black, saying, “Didn’t Yoo Byung Jae keep his yellow bleached hair for a long time in the past and then change it to black? I was inspired to see the image change at that time. I thought I should do the same someday.” 

Hearing this, Jun Hyun Moo joked, “But Yoo Byung Jae looked old with dark hair.”


Earlier, on September 30th, Aiki posted a photo of her black hair with the caption, “Did nothing change about me?” on her Instagram. She also comforted fans who were sad she got rid of her red hair by adding, “I’m sorry I didn’t get your permission.”


Source: Wikitree

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