The reason why GOT7 Jackson got involved in Li Yifeng’s prostitution scandal + his following statement 

GOT7 member Jackson finally spoke up after facing various controversies, but netizens found his statement vague at best 

On September 14th, GOT7 Jackson, whose full name is Jackson Wang (or Wang Ka Yee), became a hot topic for making his first SNS post after getting dragged into Li Yifeng’s prostitution scandal. 

In particular, the male idol wrote on his Twitter, “Maybe one day people might know. I do it for the artistry, i do it for my people. I do it for history. I dont have time to do anything else. That’s all i have.”

He also added, “Focus. Everything else just noise. Work hard play even harder, thats the logic. Analyzation is different from diff people. They want what they want to see. That’s entertainment. Remember. It’s all good.”

While Jackson doesn’t address his post at any particular thing, netizens suspected that this may be the idol’s responses to recent accusations that he dated multiple women at once, used prostitution services, and participated in “crazy partiest” hosted by BIGBANG Seungri. However, most garnered that his remarks are vague at best, do not answer to any inquiries, and may be completely unrelated to the on going noises.

While the accusations have neither been denied nor confirmed, some fans already turned their backs to the male idol. A fansite, which has supported Jackson for 8 years, decided to shut down, but others remain standing, resulting in mixed response. 

Nevertheless, Jackson’s reputation has taken a heavy blow, according to Sohu. There are even rumors that the male idol is being investigated, and so is avoiding to return to China. 

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