The “new girlfriend” of Business Proposal’s Kim Minkyu: 34 years old yet as young as a student 

Who is the new on-screen partner of actor Kim Minkyu, who earned massive popularity after “Business Proposal”

Alongside the main couple played by Kim Sejeong and Ahn Hyoseop, Kim Minkyu, who played the handsome secretary of the male lead, also contributed hugely to the success of “Business Proposal”. Now that Kim Sejeong and Ahn Hyoseop are both filming their new projects, Kim Minkyu has also confirmed appearances in an upcoming K-drama.

In particular, Kim Minkyu will appear in “The High Priest Rembrary”, a fantasy-romance series that surrounds a priest named Rembrary – who has formidable magical power. However, after a fight with the demon king, Rembrary suddenly awoke in the body of a no-name but extremely handsome Kpop idol. By his side is his gorgeous manager Kim Dal (Go Bo Yeol), who graduated from a famous university, who never fails to finish her tasks.

Both boasting outstanding appearances, Kim Minkyu and his co-star Go Bo Gyeol promises to be a “visual couple” that will reign over the small screen. Despite now being 34 years old, 6 years older than Kim Minkyu, Go Bo Gyeol is so youthful, she could play a high school student. 

With her outstanding visuals, Go Bo Gyeol is often compared to Kim Tae Ri – an actress famous for her hit works and recognized talents. However, compared to Kim Tae Ri, Go Bo Gyeol leads a more humble career. Despite having been in the industry for 9 years and running, the actress has not managed to earn any groundbreaking roles, making her name unknown to many K-drama viewers. 

Throughout her career, Go Bo Gyeol has actually starred in various hit projects, such as “Arthdal Chronicles”, “Goblin”, “Queen for Seven Days”, “Go Back Couple”…, but most plays minor roles. Her most noticeable character as of the moment is in Kim Tae Hee’s latest work “Hi, Bye Mama”, where she played the gentle and caring step-mother. However, she did not take advantage of the series’ hype, and instead hasn’t taken up any new acting offers in the past 2 years. 

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