The gorgeous beauty of MLD’s Filipino mixed trainee

Fans are afraid that this visual will also be wasted by the company like Nancy.

MLD Entertainment is not a big entertainment company in Korea, but it has many beautiful idols. The trainees at the company also caused a storm in the K-pop fan community many times. Chantal Videla is the girl receiving a lot of attention for her impressive figure and is expected to be the new generation visual.

Chantal Videla

Recently, a series of photos introducing trainee Chantal Videl has just been released, capturing all the attention on K-pop forums. With only a white shirt, Chantal still exudes a fascinating aura. In the close-up photo, the paint streaks inadvertently adorned her beauty.

Chantal Videla

In addition, Chantal’s figure also received a lot of compliments from the public. She completely meets all the requirements for a standard female idol with a slim body and a small waist. Chantal’s long straight hair is also a highlight for fans.

Chantal Videla

Chantal Videla has a Filipino mother and an Argentinian father. Possessing mixed blood, it is understandable why her face easily makes others remember at first sight. She also has experience in filming and modeling in the Philippines.

Chantal Videla

Chantal was announced as a trainee of MLD in November 2021. The female rookie of the MLD family plans to debut in 2022, in addition to Chantal, there will be Nonaka Shana (Girl’s Planet 999).

Chantal Videla

Chantal Videla’s stunning beauty created many discussions on social networks. Fans think that she is too beautiful to debut in MLD. Chantal should choose and work hard to enter big entertainment companies like JYP, YG or SM. Moreover, netizens are afraid that such a visual like Chantal will be wasted by MLD like they did with Nancy.


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