The “first husband” of Son Ye Jin on screen: Still handsome and dashing in his 40s

The Korean actor that used to “married” Son Ye Jin in “The Classic” is now leading an ideal life.

Released in 2003, the cinematic movie “The Classic” revolves around the unfortunate romance of the female lead Joo Hee, played by actress Son Ye Jin. In the film, Joo Hee was a rich young lady, who fell in love with the poor guy Joon Ha, played by actor Cho Seung Woo. Despite their beautiful and heart-fluttering love, the couple was not able to overcome social barriers, and Joo Hee ended up marrying Joon Ha’s best friend Yoon Yae Su, who’s from the upper class. 

son ye jin the classic
Joo Hee loved Joon Ha…
the classic
…but ended up marrying Yoon Tae Su – her lover’s best friend

As Tae Su is a nice character with just as dashing looks, even went as far as to sacrifice his feelings to support Joo Hee and his best friend, the actor behind Tae Su, Lee Ki Woo, also became a top star. The actor is also “the first on-screen husband” of actress Son Ye Jin, who, despite having little screen time together, looks like an ideal couple with their matching visuals. 

lee ki woo son ye jin
lee ki woo

“The Classic” is also Lee Ki Woo’s cinematic debut, which got madly successful. However, despite the movie’s hype, the actor fell behind other co-stars like Cho Seung Woo, Jo In Sung, and Son Ye Jin, and would continue to play supporting roles many years after. It was not until 2005 that he nailed his first major role, only for this work to go unnoticed. The actor continued to work hard, however, and constantly star in new projects every year, on both the big and small screen. Most recently, Lee Ki Woo became a cast member of “My Liberation Notes”, which received rave reviews from the public and critics alike. 

Currently, Lee Ki Woo is 41 years old, yet still youthful, masculine, and handsome. On his personal SNS, the actor often shares photos of his daily lives, travels, and pets.

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