The dubious feedback from Yoo Hye Won’s agency about the romour of her second time dating with Seungri

Currently, there had been a rumor spreading in Korean netizen about the identification of the lady who shared the car with Seungri in his trip to garrison on March 3. With their keen eyes, Korean netizen can shortly declare that this lady was Yoo Hye Won the actress.

Upon the spread of this information, on March 20, representative of Yoou Hye Won’s agency, SBD Entertainment responded to media about the doubt in terms of their artist’s relationship with the former member of BigBang. Nevertheless, the feedback was dubious. SBD Entertainment stated: “This is about her private life, hence it is not confirmable”.

In the end of 2018, Yoo Hye Won and Seungri were also entangled the hearsay of dating after many lovestagram posts were released by Taiwan media proving their relationship. Meanwhile, the agency replied: “We are confirming if this relationship is true”. However, after publishing this reply, SBD completely kept their silence, which made the netizen believed that they were taking advantage of the rumour to beat the durm for Yoo Hye Won because she seemed to be a nonentity in Kpop. Recently, the answer from SBD Entertainment one more time disappointed the public.

Korean netizen has commented: “Ugh, Seungri’s eye for women is….”, “He’s into the plastic monster types, isn’t he?”, “I’ve always known he likes women but he really likes the cheap types ㅋㅋㅋㅋ”, “

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