The awkward CG effect and BGM in “Jirisan”: “Is this an outdoor CF?”

After its first airing on October 23rd, tvN’s drama “Jirisan” has received negative reactions from the viewers for its awkward CGI and background music.

Jirisan” is a mystery drama that tells about the best ranger at Jirisan National Park, Seo Yi-kang (Jun Ji-hyun) and Kang Hyun-jo (Joo Ji-hoon), a rookie ranger who has a deep secret that he cannot tell anyone, digging into mysterious accidents that happen in the mountains.


The content of “Jirisan”’s first episode was about Seo Yi-gang and Kang Hyun-jo searching all around Jirisan Mount to find and rescue a missing traveler. However, after the broadcast, many viewers criticized the bad visual effect and background music in the drama.

On the same day, a netizen took a screenshot of the drama broadcast and uploaded it on an online community with the title, “Jirisan’s CG effect got everyone taken aback”. Most comments under this post expressed that while immersing themselves in the excellent acting of the actors, their mood got ruined by scenes in which CG background was applied to.


Many netizens commented, “I changed the channel right after watching that scene”, “It’s like the drama was filmed with a theater background set up”, “It seems like they filmed the scene with a printed backdrop”, “This looks exactly like an outdoor CF”, “Did the production team run out of money?”. An Internet user even pointed out the disappointed background music, “I couldn’t hear what the actors said because of the music.”

Meanwhile, tvN’s 16-episode drama“Jirisan” is aired at 9 P.M every Saturday and Sunday.


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