Thanks to Lee Hyo Ri in “Canada Check-in”, Uhm Ji Won volunteers to move abandoned dogs overseas 

Lee Hyo Ri’s good influence is being proven once again.

Uhm Ji Won posted a video on her own YouTube channel titled “It’s not difficult to volunteer for abandoned dogs overseas!”

uhm ji won

In the video, Uhm Ji Won is volunteering to move dogs overseas. Uhm Ji Won, who applied for the first time, said, “When I happened to be going to the States, I watched Hyo Ri’s ‘Canada Check-in’ and wondered why I hadn’t done this since there were so many things to do abroad like this. So I applied.” 

Then, she introduced the specific process along with how to apply for being volunteers overseas.

uhn ji won
uhm jiwon

Uhm Ji Won met the puppies and continued to take care of them affectionately, saying, “Go to a good place and live happily. Alkong and Dalkong are going to a good place and looking for people to adopt from another local group. I am waiting for Alkong and Dalkong to live in a much better environment than in Korea.”

Uhm Ji Won strongly recommended the overseas mobile service for stray dogs, saying “It’s easier than I thought, so I highly recommend it to those who are interested”.

uhm ji won

She continued, “As I realized that there were many people who helped me, personal happiness is important, but I wish I could do more things in my life that would make other people who are not very related to me or the animals I love a little happier. I am grateful for and respect those who help me.”

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