“Taxi Driver 2” recorded 15.7% ahead of last episode being released tonight (Apr 15) with extended 80-minute airing time

“Taxi Driver 2” continued to be the hottest drama at the moment.

Episode 15 of SBS-TV’s “Taxi Driver 2” (written by Oh Sang Ho/ directed by Lee Dan) aired on April 14th. According to Nielsen Korea, the drama recorded a rating of 15.7% with the highest real-time peak of 20.4%.

taxi driver 2

In this episode, Kim Do Ki (Lee Je Hoon) was deceived by Geumsa Organization director (Park Ho San) who pretended to be a revenge client. He struggled in the prison to rescue the victim from the trap set by Geumsa Organization.

Geumsa Organization director disguised himself as the father of a victim and requested the revenge service from Rainbow Taxi Company. As a result, Kim Do Ki infiltrated the prison with the aim of protecting the victim.

Ha Jun set a reward and caused the prisoners to attack Kim Do Ki at once. Therefore, Do Ki had to fight with his bare hands in prison with no escape.

taxi driver 2

Do Ki managed to save his life and arrived at the warden’s office where Ha Jun was hiding. However, he was tied up by Ha Jun. As soon as Ha Jun tried to push Do Ki off the rooftop, a twist occurred.

It turned out that Do Ki had already known the plan of Geumsa Organization. Ha Jun pointed the gun at Do Ki, followed by the sound of a gunshot. What will be the ending for Geumsa Organization?

The last episode (episode 16) of “Taxi Driver 2”, which has been extended to 80 minutes, will air at 9:50 p.m. today (April 15th).

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