Taeyang reveals a photo of him taken by G-Dragon, boasting their unchanged friendship

Big Bang Taeyang (real name Dong Yong-bae) showed his friendship with bestfriend G-Dragon (real name Kwon Ji-yong).

At midnight on December 12th, Taeyang posted a photo on his Instagram and wrote, “Unexpected photo by @xxxibgdrgn”.

Bigbang Taeyang

It was a photo of Taeyang taken by G-Dragon. Taeyang showed a “hip” atmosphere while wearing a paisley-patterned hat and a pink jacket. Although he was covering his face with a mask, his eye smile and pose revealed his excitement.

Taeyang also took a photo of G-Dragon’s limited edition shoes last month. The two has drawn enthusiastic responses from fans for their loyalty and precious friendship ever since their debut with Big Bang in 2006.

Bigbang Taeyang

Taeyang married actress Min Hyo-rin (real name Jung Eun-ran), in 2018 and the couple recently welcomed their daughter.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon also updated a selfie on Instagram on December 13th.

Bigbang G-dragon

In the released picture, G-Dragon was showing his chic charm with a long hairstyle. His pose of looking down at the camera with a relaxed pose attracted fans’ attention. Accessories, such as hats, necklaces and rings, made G-Dragon’s visual stand out even more.

Big Bang members, including G-Dragon and Taeyang, renewed their contracts with YG Entertainment in March last year.

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