SUPERKIND Saejin, a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) Kpop idol went viral for looking like ASTRO Cha Eunwoo and NCT Jaehyun

The Kpop industry recently welcomed SUPERKIND Saejin a not-so-real idol, who may resemble ASTRO Cha Eunwoo and NCT Jaehyun a little too much. 

Deep Studio Entertainment recently announced their new Kpop boy group SUPERKIND, which consists of 4 real members, and one created fully using Artificial Intelligence (AI). This non-human member is called Saejin, and his CGI visuals have quickly gone viral. 

The new AI Kpop idol that has been making headlines. 

From concept photos, netizens are guessing that Saejin, despite not being real, will be the center of the 5-member group NEVERMIND. While AI idols are no longer a new concept, this is still a pretty perplexing combination for Kpop fans. 

SUPERKIND thumbnail
The 5 member group NEVERMIND, with Saejin at the center. 

According to Deep Studio Entertainment, Saejin was a TikTok and Instagram model before his idol debut. The AI idol has been drawing attention, with various comments saying that he resembles ASTRO Cha Eunwoo and NCT Jaehyun. Therefore, they said, Saejin would undoubtedly be a visual king should he be a real person. 

Cha Eun-woo
Saejin’s appearance is said to share similarities with ASTRO Cha Eunwoo and NCT Jaehyun
Cha Eun-woo
Idol-actor Cha Eunwoo has always been praised for his spectacular visuals. 
While NCT Jaehyun also never failed to provide visual shocks. 

Explaining this bold move, Deep Studio Entertainment explained that they wanted to try a new path compared to the rest of the Kpop industry. In addition, they made promises about a grand future and global presence for SUPERKIND.

A real member of the group – Daemon, born in 2001. 
The youngest member Sio was born in 2004. 
Gaon, 2000, is also a hot topic with his appearance. 
Finally, the oldest member Eugene was born in 1999. 
The rather questionable lineup of SUPERKIND with 4 humans and an AI.

However, many netizens felt disgruntled when the video introducing virtual member Saejin was dug up on SNS. In addition to the company’s intention of creating a male idol with a combination of Eun Woo and Jaehyun’s visuals, the concept and production of Saejin’s introduction video were also copied from that of many other groups such as NCT, The Boyz. It’s paradoxical that this company wants to create the image of the most unique boy group in the K-pop industry but then learns all the “unique ideas” from other boy groups.

Saejin’s debut video was said to be copied from other idol groups. (Photo: TikTok screenshot @kkiewonki)
Many netizens were very upset with this action. (Photo: TikTok screenshot @kkiewonki)

A series of mixed opinions about this matter took place on SNS. Nearly 300 K-pop groups debut each year, but Deep Studio Entertainment still wants to create a virtual idol that can combine the beauty of two other famous male idols. In addition, the fact that the AI ​​member is given the center position is unacceptable to many netizens.

Up to now, the group’s members’ debut trailers have all been released. SUPERKIND will release their first album “PlaySuperkind : Apply for a beta test” on June 20.

SUPERKIND shows off their excellent dancing skills in a video posted on their YouTube channel. (Photo: YouTube SUPERKIND screenshot)

The AI member Saejin and SUPERKIND has now become the focus of public attention. Despite the mixed reactions that they received, many netizens hope that the group can have a successful debut and achieve all of their goals in the futures.

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