Super Junior talked about being asked on a talk show in Mexico about … sex life

Differences in Eastern and Western culture can create very awkward situations.

A member of Super Junior talked about the tough questions they received in a Mexican talk show.

Eunhyuk said, “The situation was really awkward at the time. The show hosts suddenly asked about our group’s sexual preference, including when and where to do it. The show is not even an adult program, it’s just a regular talk show, they even ask us when we last did it…”

The male idol continued: “The whole group was startled, extremely embarrassed by the question. But all the fans in the studio shouted, “Answer it, answer it.” We decided to play rock paper scissors to chose a member to answer it and it was. Fortunately, he did well. Siwon didn’t ansưer the question directly. He said we are healthy men in our 30s, we work hard in both work and love life “.

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