Sung Han Bin mentioned “military service evasion” Ravi…A self-made controversy

Perhaps because Sung Han Bin is still young, he created a pointless controversy.

On Mnet’s “Boys Planet”, which ended on April 20th, Sung Han Bin, who finished second in the debut group, mentioned Ravi during his speech.

Seong Hanbin

Sung Han Bin said, “I sincerely thank all the star creators who joined me today. I think I gained a lot of strength thanks to THE L1VE family, Studio GL1DE family, CEO Ravi and General Manager Jung Eun, who have always supported me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Sung Han Bin belongs to Studio GL1DE, one of Ravi’s labels. However, given that Ravi recently caused social controversy, many people responded that Sung Han Bin should not have mentioned Ravi. It would have been enough to say “the CEO of my agency” and move on.

Seong Hanbin

The prosecution demanded a prison sentence for Ravi, who was previously handed over to trial on charges of military service evasion. At the first trial on April 11th, the prosecution asked the court to sentence Ravi to 2 years in prison. Ravi was indicted without detention last month on charges of attempting military service evasion (violation of the Military Service Act) by getting diagnosed with fake epilepsy symptoms. In his final statement, Ravi said, “I made such a foolish and cowardly choice. I will live the rest of my life expiating my wrongdoing.”

Source: wikitree

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