“Summer Strike”: A man who is so beautiful Seol Hyun misunderstood him as a girl and called him “sister” 

Seol Hyun and Im Si Wan’s first meeting started with a misunderstanding. 

Genie TV’s original drama “Summer Strike”, which premiered on November 21st, follows Yeo Reum (Kim Seol Hyun), a voluntarily unemployed woman who decides to quit her job in the city and go on a “life strike” to do absolutely nothing. Moving to the countryside, she meets librarian Dae Beom (Im Si Wan), whose life is a question mark. It depicts the story of finding yourself in an unfamiliar place.

Summer Strike

“Summer Strike” draws attention by revealing the first meeting at the library caused by a misunderstanding between Yeo Reum and Dae Beom. Yeo Reum, who left Seoul and came to Angok, a seaside town, meets Dae Beom, a librarian.

Summer Strike

In the published stills, Yeo Reum is walking around the library with her backpack on. She was looking around and approaching a person with permed hair, calling the person “sister”. Then, seeing Dae Beom’s face, Yeo Reum had a puzzled expression. The startled Yeo Reum and the embarrassing look of Dae Beom make us curious about the situation.

Summer Strike

Yeo Reum misunderstood Dae Beom as a girl. The pretty appearance of Dae Beom from the back with his long permed hair caused a misunderstanding. The “meet-cute” of the two is already making viewers curious about the development of their relationship. 

Summer Strike im si wan

Im Si Wan grew his hair to well express the character of Dae Beom in the drama. He once again stuns with his pure and handsome visuals. It is said that Seol Hyun and Si Wan had fun filming the first meeting scene between Yeo Reum and Dae Beom while coming up with ideas on set. 

Summer Strike Im si wan

“Summer Strike” with the chemistry between Seol Hyun and Im Si Wan, was first broadcast on the ENA channel at 9:20 pm KST on November 21st, and can also be watched on Genie TV and seezn.

Source: Daum. 

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