Suddenly announced an extended rest period, will BTS be absent from the year-end awards shows?

BTS is the name that is causing headaches for the year-end awards galas!

With such popularity and a huge fandom like ARMY, BTS is the hottest name of the Korean showbiz. Of course, this means the 7 boys from Big Hit are currently the main target of every biggest domestic awards show. However, the current situation is giving them the headaches due to the probability that BTS might not appear in their line-up!


Recently, Big Hit has posted an announcement that BTS will have a hiatus to rest. This will be the first time since 2013 for BTS to have a proper rest. The extended rest and relaxation period is predicted to last until October this year. After that, they will start the process for their upcoming concert tours.

Big Hit’s official announcement

With such a tight schedule abroad during the latter part of this year, it’s highly that BTS won’t be able to join some awards shows in Korea like the years before. Some sources even reported that Big Hit and BTS had decided to attend only the main awards shows and use the remaining time to focus on their abroad activity. This can be considered as bad news for the planners of awards shows because BTS is currently the hottest name in South Korea. Their appearance will create a huge effect on any event. Also, their huge fandom – ARMY – will always ensure the ticket sales.

On the other hand, fans all agree with Big Hit’s decision as well as the information that BTS will only appear at some specific awards show at the end of this year.

– “The main problem is that there are too many awards shows. Get rid of the small awards and only keep the prestigious and fair awards shows!”

– “The awards will still go to them anyways, absent or not!

– “Too many awards, not only the artists but fans are also exhausted!

– “Please, also cut down the year-end music festival of broadcast stations!

– “I see no awards shows, I only see the chance for fan wars to happen!

Source: Kenh14

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