“Styles like Choi Woo-sik and Park Bo-young are popular” – the ideal types of unmarried men and women nowadays revealed by a marriage information company

Actor Choi Woo-sik and Park Bo-young were selected as ideal types by most unmarried women and men.

On the broadcast of SBS’s “Top Secret”, which aired at 8:35 P.M on March 19th, officials from a marriage information company appeared and talked about the entire process of preparing for a wedding.

Representatives of the marriage information company for marriage and remarriage mentioned actor Choi Woo-sik and actress Park Bo-young then revealed the type of partner that men and women nowadays prefer, saying, “It’s the style of a person whom you think is easy to find around you, but there is actually no one like that”.

In addition, representatives of wedding food companies, wedding planners with 15 years of experience, and wedding dress stores are also invited to tell honest stories about the additional costs in the process of preparing a wedding. All the secrets about the additional costs for the original version of wedding photos revealed by wedding studios and dressing companies’ plans of showing the dresses in order will also be disclosed in this program.

Lee Yong-jin

The preparation process of model Lee Hyun-yi and comedian Lee Yong-jin’s wedding is also revealed. Lee Hyun-yi confessed that she wore 30 dresses during the wedding shoot and almost got a breakup notice from her husband. She also told a funny story about how she prepared for the wedding without the help of a wedding planner, and the fact that the groom’s shoes did not arrive on the wedding day so he had to borrow them from his friends. 

On the other hand, Lee Yong-jin surprised everyone by revealing that he hurriedly finished the wedding preparation, including booking the wedding hall, dressing, etc., in only three days. In order to finish the wedding preparation quickly, he said he just agreed unconditionally every time his wife wore a dress. In addition, when his wife showed signs of disappointment, he confessed, “I pretended to have a headache”, drawing laughter.

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