“Street Man Fighter” YGX landed at bottom of Mega Crew mission → eliminated in tears

Famous dancer crew YGX, led by dancer Deukie, was eliminated with the semi-finals just around the corner.

In the October 11th episode of Mnet’s dancing survivor show “Street Man Fighter”, the elimination battle between YGX and WE DEMZ BOYZ (WDBZ) was broadcasted.

As a result of the Mega Crew mission, Just Jerk took first place in the final, while YGX finished at the bottom.

street man fighter YGX 11102022

As a result, YGX went straight to the battle for elimination, where leader Deukie said, “Honestly, it’s embarrassing. I feel sorry for the team members.”

He also confessed his feelings, saying, “It’s the first time in my dancing life that my emotions have been shaken so much.

The crew who competed against YGX in the elimination battle is WE DEMZ BOYZ. They missed out on a direct ticket to the semi-finals, having lost to BANK 2 BROTHERS (B2B) by just three points.


After that, WE DEMZ BOYZ leader Vata said, “I think I should have worked harder. In fact, we talked a lot about that in the beginning, but what I always told my teammates was, ‘Reflect on yourself. Be humble. We still have a long way to go’. The ranking of 6th place will actually be good medicine for us. We will do our best”, showing his ambition.


The elimination battle then followed. Unlike the expectation of a close game, WE DEMZ BOYZ beat YGX 3-0 to advance to the semi-final.


As YGX was eliminated, Vata said, “I thought I would scream if I won, but as soon as we became the winner, I felt heavy seeing the opponent crew be eliminated”, expressing his regrets.

YGX leader Deukie tearfully shared, “I don’t think we were able to show you the good side of us when we joined ‘Street Man Fighter’. Our members are really good, but I failed to help them show that as a leader”, revealing his feelings when being eliminated.

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