Song Joong Ki saved JTBC from crisis… However, JTBC’s entertainment shows literally “fail”

Song Joong Ki stopped the history of poor ratings and saved JTBC from crisis.

However, “Reborn Rich” is JTBC’s only hope. Still, new entertainment shows are in a precarious situation as they cannot get out of the 1% range.

To JTBC, the Fri-Sat-Sun drama “Reborn Rich” was this year’s trump card and last bastion. So far, dramas featuring top stars such as Go Hyun Jung and Jeon Do Yeon have ended lonesomely without much success, and most dramas have also fallen into a swamp of sluggishness with average ratings of 1~2%. Expectations for “Reborn Rich” were high as actor Song Joong Ki, who overwhelms topics of conversation, starred in this work.

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And “Reborn Rich” has done more than expected. In addition to surpassing 10% in episode 3, the ratings soared every time and exceeded 20% in episode 11. The Dec 11th broadcast recorded 21.1% (paid households nationwide). It recorded 23.9% in the metropolitan area and a 2049 target viewership rating of 9.7%, once again breaking its own record. In terms of topicality, it has topped the list for 3 weeks in a row and is gaining syndrome-level popularity beyond “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which was called the most successful work of the year.

Accordingly, there are even jokes that JTBC should bow to Song Joong Ki and Lee Sung Min. However, entertainment shows’ situation makes it hard to smile.

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JTBC launched several entertainment programs in the second half of this year, including “Over The Top”, “Let’s Eat GO”… There are different genres, from arm wrestling matches to golf, eating show, dance to dating reality.

However, all of their results are “disastrous”. All of those perform sluggishly and remain in the 1% range. “Buddy Boys”, which was conducted in the format of male idols going on a trip and enjoying playing golf, has recorded disappointing viewer ratings of 0% from episode 1 to the recently aired episode 6.

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The situation is the same for “Day Without Hands”, which is the first work produced by PD Kim Min Seok of “You Quiz on the Block” and PD Park Geun Hyung after moving to JTBC. Although the program attracted attention as Shin Dong Yeop’s first outdoor show in 13 years and recorded 2.6% in the first episode, it immediately fell to the 1% range after the second broadcast. “Day Without Hands” successfully created hot topics with the appearance of Han Ga In as an MC but failed to hold the viewers in front of the TV due to its boring content.

Even Jeon Hyun Moo, who has proved his overwhelming presence on MBC this year with “I Live Alone” and “The Manager”, couldn’t pour his force into JTBC. Highlighting the title as the first arm-wrestling survival in Korea, the result is below expectations. The initial impression of the show did not last long, and repeated arm wrestling matches began to make viewers feel bored. The appearance of Jeon Hyun Moo as the host and ring announcer was not clearly shown on the program.

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“Let’s Play Soccer Season 2” is the only program that is trying to save the face of JTBC’s variety shows. However, JTBC is suffering the painful reality that there is no new program that can surpass “Let’s Play Soccer Season”.

Song Joong Ki saved JTBC when it was on the verge of falling, but maintaining this good performance depends entirely on JTBC. There are only two weeks left until “Reborn Rich” ends. This broadcaster should not forget that it is more important to introduce proper programs like “Reborn Rich” than to recklessly increase the number of entertainment shows.

Source: Daum

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