Song Joong-ki has mentioned this gorgeous actress as his ideal type since his debut

Song Joong-ki became a hot topic when he mentioned Hong Eun-hee as his ideal type when he debuted.

Hong Eun-hee talked to Song Joong-ki on the phone on an entertainment show and asked, “Is it true that you picked me as your ideal type on the show?” In response, Song Joong-ki confessed, “It’s embarrassing, but it’s true,” adding, “I liked how you treated me so comfortably since before.”

Hong Eun Hee

At Song Joong-ki‘s shy confession, Hong Eun-hee said, “Thank you, Joong-ki. However, an ideal type is just an ideal type, so hurry up and meet a good person,” she said, and Song Joong-ki also responded tactfully, saying, “I’m also always burdened by Yoo Joon-sang.”

Hong Eun Hee

Meanwhile, Yoo Joon-sang and Hong Eun-hee, well-known as the representative couple in the entertainment industry, were envied by many viewers for their generous expression of their love for each other. The couple, who got married in 2003, were found to have started preparing for their marriage only a month after dating, which became an issue.

Hong Eun Hee

Hong Eun-hee appeared on an entertainment show and said, “We only dated for a short time. We got married after about a month of formal dating, but I was 24 years old at the time,” she said, surprising everyone. She said, “I was asked about why I married someone 11 years older than me? I think I missed the protective shade because of the absence from my father. In fact, my husband is that kind of person,” she said, expressing her affection for Yoo Joon-sang.

Hong Eun Hee


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