Song Joong-ki Attends Movie GV To Support ‘Reborn Rich Grandfather’ Lee Sung-min

Song Joong-ki will appear at the GV for the new film “Handsome Guys” to show his support for veteran actor Lee Sung-min

According to NEW, the distributor of the upcoming film “Handsome Guys”, on July 2nd, Song Joong-ki will attend the second GV of “Handsome Guys”, which will take place at 7:30 p.m. on July 5th at Lotte Cinema Seoul World Tower, together with actor Lee Sung-min and director Nam Dong-hyup.

song joong ki-Lee Sung-min -Lee Hee-joon

Song Joong-ki will help promote the comedy horror film “Handsome Guys”, starring Lee Sung-min and Lee Hee-joon. The actor agreed to join to show support for Lee Sung-min, who worked with him in “Reborn Rich”

Earlier, Song Joong-ki and Lee Sung-min appeared as grandson and grandfather in the drama “Reborn Rich”. When receiving Best Actor in Outstanding Korean Drama at the Seoul Drama Awards 2023 (SDA 2023), Lee Sung-min drew attention as he dedicated the award to Song Joong-ki

The event organizer said, “The GV event will feature various talks about the film, including interesting details about the genre, the directing, storyline as well as Lee Sung-min’s perfect transformation that makes viewers completely forget his role as a Chairman in ‘Reborn Rich’”, raising movie fans’ expectations.

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