Song Hye Kyo’s “The Glory” ranked No. 3 globally in 3 days on Netflix, showered with rave reviews 

“The Glory” Part 1 is getting an explosive response shortly after its release.

The Glory” is Netflix’s new original series that tells the story of a woman whose soul was shattered by brutal school violence in her childhood. She has carefully prepared her entire life for desperate revenge. The drama also follows those who fall into the vortex of her revenge. Part 1 was released worldwide on December 30th.

the glory

According to Netflix TOP 10 on January 4th, “The Glory” recorded 25.41 million viewing hours in just 3 days after its release, and rose to 3rd place in the Netflix Global Top 10 TV (non-English) category. In the Netflix Global TOP 10 TV (non-English) category, “The Glory” was listed in TOP 10 in 19 countries, including Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kuwait, Singapore, Morocco, and Hong Kong.

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Overseas media outlets commented, “Song Hye Kyo effectively expressed the wounded character through her subtle acting” (Forbes), “Writer Kim Eun Sook’s elegant writing skills, shown in the fascinating mise-en-scène of the series and Dong Eun’s lyrical narration are the icing on the cake” (South China Morning Post), “Unlike some other revenge dramas in which the perpetrators are portrayed pitifully, ‘The Glory’ makes the victims feel less reluctant to take revenge. Song Hye Kyo’s colorful facial expressions stand out. The performances of child actors also create surprises” (Leisurebyte), praising that another well-made drama was born.

the glory

A relay of positive reviews continued in the domestic media as well.

“As expected. Writer Kim Eun Sook showed her writing skills properly even in a revenge drama, not a romantic comedy, and Song Hye Kyo exploded with her presence. Although she harbored a vicious spirit for revenge, her bitterness on the inside left a deep aftertaste. (Joy News 24), “Above all, the message conveyed by ‘The Glory’ is strong. The story of school violence, which is also close to author Kim, who has a daughter in high school. Writer Kim desperately portrayed that school violence, which is regarded as a light prank for the perpetrator, is a living hell for the victim” (Seoul Economic Star). 

the glory

“Once you see and hear them, you can’t forget the gem-like lines throughout 8 episodes. The actors’ performances are impeccable. I like Song Hye Kyo’s cool face.” (Sports Trend), “It gives viewers an overwhelming sense of immersion that makes them willingly become accomplices in Moon Dong Eun’s revenge and cheer her on” (TV Daily), “(As director Ahn Gil Ho has shown in his previous works), ‘The Glory’ is also calm but sharp. Here, various metaphors and symbols are expressed in sophisticated visuals to enhance the perfection” (Munhwa News), etc. Compliments are poured on all elements of “The Glory”, including screenplay, cinematography, directing, and acting.

Source: Nate. 

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