Song Hye-kyo enjoying her 42nd birthday

Actress Song Hye-kyo expressed her gratitude to those who congratulated her on her 42nd birthday.

On the 22nd, Song Hye-kyo said, “I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who congratulated me on my birthday. I received all the flowers and gifts that you sent me. Thank you ^^ Yes! I hope you all are always healthy and full of only happy things,” she said, thanking fans and acquaintances who congratulated her on her birthday.

Song Hye Kyo birthday

On Song Hye-kyo’s birthday, many stars such as Song Yoon-ah, Uhm Jung-hwa, Gi Eun-se, Park Sol-mi, and Shim Jin-hwa sent congratulatory messages. In particular, her best friend, Ok Joo-hyun, drew attention by leaving a congratulatory message saying, “Happy Birthday My Friend.

Song Hye Kyo birthday
Song Hye Kyo birthday

Besides, photos of Song Hye-kyo at her birthday party were also revealed. Song Hye-kyo, who is wearing a neck collar and jeans, was holding her celebratory cake and smiling happily. In particular, Song Hye-kyo was admired for her unrivaled goddess beauty.

On the other hand, she will appear in ‘The Glory’, a new Netflix original work, which is scheduled to be released this year.

Source: naver

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