Son Na Eun still could not prove herself to be a capable actress despite being in her 12th year of acting 

The issue becomes more pronounced when the actress is weighted against Lim Ji Yeon. 

While sharing a more or less decade in acting, Son Na Eun and Lim Ji Yeon are showing somewhat different growth with each passing role. If Lim Ji Yeon’s performance in “The Glory” caused a sensation, Son Na Eun’s acting chops appeared more idle and with little development.

Son Naeun Agency

JTBC’s weekend drama “Agency” was on the box office charts by surpassing double-digit ratings, in which Son Na Eun stars alongside Lee Bo Young, is the most concrete proof of the matter. 

Kang Han Na, played by Son Na Eun, is an influencer with beauty and popularity and, at the same time, an ambitious person aiming for success. While Na Eun’s character demanded more versatile acting to convey her spite and charisma behind the innocent face, the Kang Han Na on-screen was only a pretty social media influencer with looks. The comicality of the character was, in fact, remarked by the audience, to come from poor acting that could not be hidden behind editing or narrative.  

Son Naeun Agency

The main point of viewers’ frustration was that the issue has been persistent for more than a decade. With 11 years of acting under her belt, alternating between movies and dramas, the actress has been known for  such works as “Marrying the Mafia” in 2012, “The Great Seer,” “My Kids Give Me A Headache,” “Second 20s,” “Cinderella and The Four Knights” and “The Most Beautiful Goodbye.”

Compared to the same period and a slower start, actress Lim Ji Yeon actually showed a better progression highlighted by her villain role in “The Glory.” Despite Son Na Eun’s advantageous background from Apink, the actress still seems to fall back behind, which can be attributed to her lack of passion and talent for acting. 

Lim Ji-yeon the glory

In spite of talks about the potential for growth over Son Na Eun’s performance, K-drama viewers clearly don’t want to see an actress with bad acting. The issue does not only affect the viewers’ experience but also her co-star’s performances. In her 12th year of acting, it seems Son Na Eun cannot excuse herself behind “character growth” anymore. 

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