Some netizens think this choreography of IVE is smooth but some think it’s so messy

What’s with this IVE choreography?

Although it has been released for 2 months, rookie IVE‘s song “ELEVEN” is still a topic of discussion. In addition to the controversy about the group’s live singing, recently, the choreography of this song has been discussed by the public. Especially, there’s a “misleading” move that is receiving mixed opinions.

Dance practice of “ELEVEN” – IVE (pay attention from the 27th second)

Specifically, starting from the 27th second of the video, IVE made a formation move that looked quite complicated and messy to some people. Many netizens think that the group is in the wrong lineup or the members are out of rhythm, so they accidentally create a rather chaotic scene. But if you look closely, this is an impressive choreography detail of IVE as they move the formation based on the domino effect which is quite creative and interesting.

 IVE's controversial choreography
 IVE’s controversial choreography

 Netizens have many different opinions about this move:

 -I think doing the same is better, this is too messy.

 – It’s a domino effect.

 – I found this part to be a bit overwhelming.

 – The choreography is like that but the lineup arrangement is a bit misleading.

 – After completing this move, their head must be turning around.

 – SNSD also has choreography based on the domino effect like this.

 – This choreography is normal, it’s not a mistake.

 – I don’t really like this part. Why can’t they just dance normally?

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