So Ji-sub’s comeback drama “Doctor Lawyer” releases the first teaser video, breathtaking from the very first 15 seconds

Actor So Ji-sub is back with the new work called “Doctor Lawyer”.

MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Doctor Lawyer” (written by Jang Hong-cheol/ directed by Lee Yong-seok) unveiled its first teaser video on April 28th.

“Doctor Lawyer” is a medical suspense court series that tells about the genius surgeon who became a lawyer and a prosecutor in charge of medical crimes after losing everything due to a manipulated operation. By presenting the strong power that allows the viewers to enjoy the beauty of medical and legal genres at the same time, this drama is drawing keen attention as one of the most anticipated works in the first half of 2022.

Doctor Lawyer

Amidst the public’s interest and expectations for “Doctor Lawyer”, actor So Ji-sub is also making his first comeback on the small screen in 4 years through this work. So Ji-sub will play Han Yi-han, a genius surgeon who returns as a medical litigation lawyer. “Doctor Lawyer” is the newest drama chosen by the top Korean actor So Ji-sub, who has shown his excellent acting skills through many works regardless of genre and achieved both high viewership and hot topics.

Doctor Lawyer

The first teaser video for “Doctor Lawyer” has just been released out of a sudden. The return of So Ji-sub, which many people have been waiting for, and his overwhelming presence of So Ji-sub is attracting huge attention from prospective viewers.

Doctor Lawyer

The first teaser for “Doctor Lawyer” begins with So Ji-sub’s heavy narration, saying, “The court is just like an operating room. You could either end your life or start a new one in this place”. On the screen, So Ji-sub, who is dressed in a black suit, walks in when the court door opens. Subsequently, So Ji-sub’s images as a lawyer, a doctor in the operating room, and a surgeon appear quickly, raising the viewers’ curiosity.

Doctor Lawyer

Standing in the middle of the court, So Ji-sub has a lawyer’s badge shining on his chest. At this moment, he takes out a surgical knife from his suit pocket and then uses it to pierce the lawbook. There is no hesitation in his action. The first teaser ends with the title “Doctor Lawyer” appearing strongly alongside the intense eyes of the surgeon and lawyer So Ji-sub.

Doctor Lawyer

So Ji-sub’s appearance got everyone overwhelmed. His powerful eyes, his charisma, and expressions were outstanding. He presents his appearance as a doctor and a lawyer perfectly, giving the audience the first impression of the story “Doctor Lawyer” is about to tell. “As expected from So Ji-sub!”, fans can’t help but admire him. Many viewers are looking forward to seeing how So Ji-sub, who left such a strong afterimage in the minds of prospective viewers with just 15 seconds, will heat up the drama market in the first half of this year through “Doctor Lawyer”.

Doctor Lawyer

The drama will premiere at 9:50 p.m on May 27th.

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