SISTAR’s Soyou Confessed Of Being Sexually Harassed On Subway, “I Couldn’t Catch That Person”

SISTAR member Soyou recalled her hard time due to panic disorder and unpleasant experiences of sexual harassment

SISTAR’s Soyou and Dasom appeared in a recent video of the web entertainment program “Zzanbro” as guests. When asked if she had been through a hard time, Soyou replied, “I had a tough time because my panic disorder worsened”.

Soyou continued, “It’s a very sad story for me. I don’t remember anything during the promotion of ‘Lean On Me’. I don’t remember anything from that time due to the effect of panic disorder medication”, adding “Now, I try to just enjoy things. I think it’s necessary to go on a trip once a year. When traveling, I can let go of everything and just have fun with everyone”, revealing that she spent a month in Bali.

soyou dasom

In addition, Soyou shared, “I’m sure a lot of celebrities receive this. To be honest, many people take pictures of their body parts and send them to me”. Shin Dong-yeop wondered, “Isn’t that considered a legal problem?”. Soyou replied, “I tried suing malicious commenters but it was hard to catch them because they used accounts from overseas”.

Soyou also recalled when she met a flasher (referring to a ‘man who exposes his sensitive body part in public’), in the past. She said, “I was going to school with my friends. An old man appeared all of a sudden and he was like ‘Tada’.  I purposely responded, ‘Hey, what’s that?’”, adding “But that old man kept dancing”.

soyou dasom

Confessing an unpleasant experience of sexual harassment on the subway, the female singer said, “Someone touched my butt on the subway. People were on all sides because it was during rush hour. While holding onto the wall, I was surrounded by both men from the front to the back sides. Suddenly, someone touched my butt. When the subway door opened, I tried to grab him but he ran away. I tried to chase after him while swearing but couldn’t catch up with that guy”.

Also, Soyou revealed a way to cope with such incidents, “If you feel like a stranger is touching you or trying to get close to you, push them with your elbow. If you keep doing that, someone else will notice that and they will help you”.

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