Shuhua ((G) I-DLE) fired back at anti-fans and was praised by netizens

On May 10, Shuhua ((G) I-DLE) had a live broadcast on V Live to chat with fans. During this broadcast, an unexpected situation happened when anti-fans left a comment attacking her appearance, forcing Shuhua to bluntly respond.

While interacting with her fans, the youngest member of (G) I-DLE noticed a malicious comment directed at her. And instead of enduring and ending the livestream like member Soojin last month, Shuhua had reactions that made the fans excited. She read the comment out loud: “There’s something on your face. It’s ugliness. Did I read that wrong? ”

Later, Shuhua was seen frowning at the screen and said “Wow, wow!” She addressed the commenter as she asked, “You wouldn’t happen to be the same one as last time, right? The one who said that to Soojin.” She then said, “Are you crazy? Seriously. Leave, then! Don’t watch this! Seriously. You’re putting me in a bad mood. Get out, then!”

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