“Shouldn’t we raise the baby?” Kim Hyun-joo talks about the potential plot of “Hellbound Season 2”

“When we had a baby at the end of season 1, shouldn’t we raise the child in season 2?” 

Actor Kim Hyun-joo replied when asked about season 2 of Netflix’s original series “Hellbound.” In a video interview held on November 26th, Kim Hyun-joo explained, “We didn’t talk about plans or anything like that for Season 2, but I once asked them if we should raise the baby in Season 2 as we brought him (into the ending of Season 1)”

Netflix’s original series “Hellbound,” released on November 19th, tells the story of a supernatural phenomenon in which people are sentenced to hell without notice, and those who want to reveal the reality of the religious group The New Truth Society and the incident are intertwined. In this production, Kim Hyun-joo played the role of lawyer Min Hye-jin, who confronts the behavior of The New Truth Society and the group of people that blindly follows them.

Kim Hyun-joo said about the ending of “Hellbound,” “I asked, but they didn’t tell me. “Why is it (the ending) like this?” and “Why is it resurrecting?” “Even though it was a small baby, I felt I saved him from the human world. Of course, I was a parent who saved her child, but I felt that I was holding the last remaining hope of mankind so that the sacrifice would not be wasted. It’s like the last seed. This was my thought when I was acting,” she said.

“Shouldn’t we raise the baby?” Kim Hyun-joo talks about the potential plot of “Hellbound Season 2”

Hellbound” drew attention by ranking first in Netflix’s world rankings (based on Flix Patrol) a day after its release, following the global success of the “Squid Game.”

In response, Kim Hyun-joo said, “I don’t know if it’s because I’m tacky or because I don’t have a strong feeling, but I don’t feel anything special about getting the No.1 ranking. I do think it’s a good thing and am very thankful to hear about it.” She then said, “I was worried that I might not meet people’s high expectations, but I’m relieved and grateful that the drama is in first place and the viewers enjoy it.”

Regarding the reason why “Hell” is loved, she shared, “The reason why ‘Hellbound’ spread all over the world is that human life and death are of interest regardless of age, gender or country. ‘Hellbound’ talks about human life and death. That’s something that everyone can be interested in.”

“Shouldn’t we raise the baby?” Kim Hyun-joo talks about the potential plot of “Hellbound Season 2”

For Kim Hyun-joo, “Hellbound” was based on a webtoon, so it was burdensome. Recalling when she appeared in “The Land”, the actress said, “I felt a lot of difficulties and pressure when I did it because ‘The Land’ was a work that gained huge popularity and the actors were recognized for it. (After that, it seems that there has been a tendency to avoid works with originals). I think I preferred to create something that didn’t exist.”

She confessed, “Since ‘Hellbound’ is a work with a fandom, webtoon lovers have a high interest in synchronization, so the task is to connect the original webtoon and the series well. On the contrary, I think I could get help because there was a webtoon. I received a lot of help rather than restrictions.”

Kim Hyun-joo, who will be marking her 25th debut anniversary next year, has grown as an actress and a person, and those things have naturally been buried in her acting. She said, “In the past, I had a lot of time to focus on myself, but from some point on, I paid attention to things around me a lot. I saw only what was trapped inside the border, then when I saw it outside, I got a strong feeling that I had been living without knowing it. After that, I tried to listen more than talk.”

Kim Hyun-joo recalled the things that had changed, “I think I gained strength in acting by feeling what I can feel rather than having a special acting philosophy.”


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