“Shooting Stars” releases second teaser video about Lee Sung-kyung and Kim Young-dae’s pink dating rumor

“Shooting Stars” Lee Sung-kyung and Kim Young-dae became the protagonists of a pink dating rumor.

tvN’s new Friday-Saturday drama Shooting Stars (written by Choi Yeon-soo/directed by Lee Soo-hyun), which is scheduled to premiere on April 22th, is a romantic comedy about people who work behind the scenes of the entertainment industry. Young stars such as Lee Sung-kyung (Oh Han-byul), Kim Young-dae (Gong Tae-sung), Yoon Jong-hoon (Kang Yoo-seong), Kim Yoon-hye (Park Ho-young), Park So-jin (Jo Ki-bum) and Lee Jung-shin (Do Soo-hyuk) are expected to bring a fresh spring breeze to the home theater.


On March 18th (Friday), “Shooting Stars” released the second teaser video that stimulates curiosity about the subtle relationship between Lee Sung-kyung and Kim Young-dae, drawing attention. Lee Sung-kyung, who plays Star Force Entertainment’s PR team leader Oh Han-byul, and Kim Young-dae, who takes on the role of perfect superstar Gong Tae-sung, are going to stimulate viewers’ excitement as they narrowly cross the boundary between enmity and closeness.

Shooting Star

The teaser video begins with an interesting question, “Team leader Oh (Oh Han-byul), are you dating Gong Tae-sung?” At the same time, while exchanging super-close eye contact and being alone in a movie theater, Han-byul and Tae-sung’s subtly agitated appearances are reflected, raising pink suspicions. Han-byul hits the iron wall while saying, ‘I’ve never been excited about Tae-sung.” She also frowns while watching Tae-sung’s outdoor advertisement that arouses everyone’s admiration.

Shooting Star

However, a lot of evidence of their romantic relationship (?) is smoking like a chimney again. In particular, the lovely two-shot of making a hand heart with their foreheads facing each other, Tae-sung’s honey-dropping eyes towards Han-byul, as well as his affectionate skinship and gentle care for her are enough to revive dead love cells. Furthermore, Star Force Entertainment’s employees, who closely watch Han-byul and Tae-sung bickering, are also adding strength to the dating rumor, saying, “It seems to be bothering them, but I feel strangely affectionate.” As a result, viewers are paying attention to the main broadcast of “Shooting Stars“, where the truth of the ambiguous dating rumor will be revealed whether the quarrel between Han-byul and Tae-sung is a fiery love fight.

Shooting Star

“Shooting Stars” is directed by PD Lee Soo-hyun of “Find Me in Your Memory”, “Awaken”, “The Witch’s Diner” and written by Choi Yeon-soo, who has a long history of working at a management agency, signaling the birth of a realistic romantic comedy.

Shooting Star
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