Shin Min Ah and Hyeri join relief efforts for the victims of earthquake in Turkey and Syria 

Each actress donated 50 million won, continuing their good deeds. 

On February 6th, a series of large-scale earthquakes occurred, starting with a 7.8-magnitude earthquake in 133km northwest of Gaziantep, Turkey, causing serious casualties. A Korean dispatch team has been sent to Turkey to help with the rescuing effort. 

shin min ah

According to the Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association, actress Shin Min Ah donated 50 million won to help the victims of earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Her agency, AM Entertainment, released a statement through an official, “Shin Min Ah decided to participate with the hope that additional damage would not occur and asked for appropriate support for victims who lost their homes due to the sudden big earthquake.”

Actress Hyeri also joined the donation. According to the agency’s creative group ING, Hyeri donated 50 million won to help children in need of emergency relief through UNICEF.


Hyeri said, “I heard that the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria are in dire need of emergency relief. Although it is not possible to go directly to fund basic protection facilities such as emergency relief of children and solving food and providing drinking water for children who lost their homes, [the donation] is intended to help UNICEF’s activities. I hope many people will be interested [in the relief effort].” 

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Yoo In Na, Yim Si Wan, Jang Sung Kyu, DinDin, WINNER Kim Jin Woo, Jang Keun Suk, GOT7 Jinyoung, Lee Yong Jin, and Yang Dong Geun also contributed to the effort. Volleyball player Kim Yeon Koung and soccer player Kim Min Jae, who played for Turkey, also posted a message calling for help.

For more than 10 years, Shin Min Ah has been donating in such efforts to help the less fortunate, underprivileged, recovery effort from earthquake, and constructions of schools. The same goes to Hyeri who has been a consistent donor for various philanthropic and natural disaster relief activities. As a result, she joined the UNICEF’s Honors Club, a group of sponsors having donated more than 100 million won. 

Source: naver

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