Seolhyun shuts malicious commenters up with her cool response to a negative netizen post about her appearance 

Seolhyun has the coolest response to haters. 

On May 11th, Seolhyun took a screenshot and directly shared a post about her from the online community Nate Pann onto her Instagram story. The captured post started trending a few days ago among netizens by claiming Seolhyun now looks “unrecognizable” under the title “How come Seolhyun became like this.” It contained a photo of Seolhyun, which is a still cut from her ongoing drama, tvN’s “The Killer’s Shopping List.”


The best part is that Seolhyun was not discouraged and offended by the malicious post about her appearance. Instead, she stood up to it and flawlessly shut down trolls by turning it into a way to promote her drama. She wrote, “If you’re wondering how I became like this…! Tonight at 10:30 pm, ‘The Killer’s Shopping List.’”


Netizens responded to Seolhyun’s story with comments:

  • “I like that she’s tough” 
  • Seolhyun is so cool” 
  • The Killer’s Shopping List is fun” 
  • Seolhyun acts well and looks pretty in the drama” 
  • “Haters need to shut up. Seolhyun is doing great”

Set in an ordinary neighborhood, tvN’s “The Killer’s Shopping List,” starring Seol Hyun and Lee Kwang Soo as leads, is a comedy-mystery drama that depicts the story of a mart owner, a cashier, and a police officer who uncover the truth about a murder case and track down the killer with a mart receipt as their prime clue. The drama airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 pm KST.


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