Seo Hyun Jin asks fans not to send flowers for her birthday, said it’s impossible to tell the future

Actress Seo Hyun Jin wrote a long post and shyly confessed her feelings to fans ahead of her birthday.

On February 8th, Seo Hyun Jin published several photos of her dog, Cider, on Instagram, along with a long caption. In particular, the actress expressed her disbelief that she’s using Instagram after saying that she would 6 months ago, before explaining her reason for posting. 

Seo Hyun Jin

In particular, since the actress’ birthday is approaching, Seo Hyun Jin advises fans to send her letters instead of flowers because she gets sad when the flower wilts. She also thanks fans for the many birthday cafes that are open for celebration. 

Then, Seo Hyun Jin talked about giving away books at her home to fans, and confessed that there are a lot of books that she left to accumulate dust. 

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On the other hand, Seo Hyun Jin played the role of Oh Soo Jae in the SBS drama “Why Her”, which ended in July 2022. I will be celebrating her birthday on February 27th.

Below is the full caption written by Seo Hyun Jin’s:

Hello, it’s Cider’s mom, Seo Hyun Jin. It has been a while. So I… Instagram… I am now realy on Instagram (I’m embarrassed) haha. Life is about never knowing what awaits in the future, but I think I said I wouldn’t do it…. About 6 months ago… on paper…  chuckle… so that’s what happened.. 

Oh, the reason I’m posting today is that my birthday is coming up soon, and I guess that you guys happen to talk about sending me flowers, flowers, flowers…. I wonder if you’ll really send them hahaha, but I would like to say that a letter is enough. I am happy with the flowers you sent me all this time, but I’d love a letter because I feel bad when I have nowhere else to put the flowers or when they wither! And I haven’t told the company yet (you’ll find out after reading this post). 

Also, I discovered that there will be birthday cafes in many places! Thank you! I thought about what I would like to give you.. and I remembered that I was asked to recommend a book, not a secondhand bookstore, not an independent bookstore, so I chose a few books at home…. 9 books… (shabby..) Each book has an introduction written on the front page, so I think you are really going to read it!! It would be nice if the person who reads it takes it from me :) I go home and it’s just dusty… Well, there are a lot of books like that in my house. Anyway, it would be nice to have books at the cafes?  I’m going to distribute them myself, so I hope you have a good time (but… The books were really picked up from the bookstore, so they are about 15 years old… in an alarming state with coffee marks and an unknown phone number written :(  Please excuse me hmm.. I enjoyed watching it so much, but I couldn’t find it. There is also a book I bought second-hand. Lol. Finishing…. Have a nice day.”

Source: Daum

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