“Semantic Error” Park Jae Chan is accused of being a school bully

Park Jae Chan (Dongkiz) has been accused of serious bullying on Twitter.

Park Jae Chan-DONGKIZ-Semantic Error

Recently, Park Jae Chan, who is receiving attention thanks to the BL web drama “Semantic Error“, has been accused of being a school bully. Specifically, netizen A wrote, “Park Jae Chan who plays Chu Sang Woo in ‘Semantic Error’ is a mean bastard. He’s a trash guy who bullied his female classmate when he was in elementary school. He smoked in class. He and his group of rogue friends even quarreled with other students. You should know this fact before you like him.”

A” attached Park Jae Chan‘s elementary and middle school graduation photos in the post as proof. 

A continued, “He used to say that idol fans are pathetic and slandered all male idols until he became a trainee in 9th grade. So it can be said that the agency doesn’t care [about his past]. If someone has a picture of him smoking and showing off a wooden stick, please share.”

Some other netizens who claimed to be Park Jae Chan‘s old classmates also supported A. Netizen B wrote, “He’s the most popular of the iljin group, always smoking a cigarette. Anyone who went to the same middle school as him would know. There are many anecdotes about his bad behavior. He evaluates a girl’s body like a meal. Park Jae Chan took pictures and bothered one of my friends on the phone every lunch break. His hobby is to bully his juniors one by one,” B emphasized.

Park Jae Chan-DONGKIZ-Semantic Error

Meanwhile, this is not the first time Park Jae Chan has been suspected of school bullying. Back in 2019, when Park Jae Chan debuted with Dongkiz, an anonymous netizen released a graduation photo of the male idol and stated, “He’s an alcoholic with a trashy personality. Even after becoming a trainee, he kept using SNS and posting pictures of him dating his girlfriend. He dropped out of high school.” However, perhaps because Dongkiz did not have a reputation in the entertainment industry at that time, not many people cared.

Park Jae Chan-DONGKIZ-Semantic Error

Park Jae Chan‘s side has not responded to the above information.

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