Seeing Red Velvet’s Irene freezing on stage, netizens realize the difficulties of being an idol

Fans feel sorry for Red Velvet’s Irene seeing how she was shivering from the cold on stage. 

In order to become a perfect idol and meet the public’s expectations, Kpop trainees have to go through many hardships. Even after debut, the pressure is not reduced either. Performing in tough weather conditions is one of the difficulties idols face on a regular basis.

In cold weather, idols have to go on stage wearing thin clothes and short outfits to match the concept. Recently, fans recall what happened to Red Velvet’s Irene at the 2026 MBC Gayo Daejejun.

Irene couldn’t stand still, her face was blank because she was freezing 

At this year-end event, Red Velvet and many other artists had to perform outdoors when the outside temperature was below zero. It was in winter but Red Velvet members were dressed in mini dresses and skirts to match the concept of their song. The members were all trembling from the cold, especially Irene. She couldn’t stand properly, and her face looked like she was about to faint because she was freezing. 

MBC Gayo Daechukje 2016 Irene
Fans were worried for Irene’s health 
MBC Gayo Daechukje 2016 Irene
Wendy had to constantly hug Irene to keep her warm
MBC Gayo Daechukje 2016 Irene
Irene’s breathing proves that the weather was extremely cold 

Looking back at this moment, netizens can’t help but feel sorry for Irene in particular and Kpop idols in general:

  • This is part of the idol job so you have no choice but to accept it, but I feel so sorry for her
  • It was freezing cold, but she had to wear a short skirt, you know how cold it is when you breathe out smoke.
  • To deliver nice stages to fans, idols have to go through lots of difficulties.
  • Not everyone understands the dark side of being an idol.
  • Irene looked like she was about to faint. I feel bad for her.
MBC Gayo Daechukje 2016 Irene
During rehearsal, Red Velvet members were all wearing thick padding jackets to stay warm, but during the actual performance, they had to endure the bone-chilling cold in thin outfits.
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