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“Running Man” members shocked when Song Ji-hyo put her fingers inside Kim Jong-kook’s shirt to check its transparency 

Song Ji-hyo’s unexpected action embarrassed “Running Man” members.

In the opening part of SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man” broadcast on July 10th, the members sat together and chatted. 

Among the members, Ji Seok-jin was the only one who came late. Yoo Jae-seok said, “He lost his initial resolution”, then made a video call with Ji Seok-jin. The members continued to tease Ji Seok-jin.

Meanwhile, Song Ji-hyo suddenly put her hand inside the sleeve of Kim Jong-kook’s shirt and said, “This shirt is see-through?”. Confused by the situation, Kim Jong-kook refused, “Why do you keep doing this?”.

Yang Se-chan, who was watching the two, smiled and commented, “She touches his flesh with her hands without hesitation”. Yoo Jae-seok turned his head around and said, “It’s good that the shirt is see-through but the fact that you put your fingers in… That’s a little…”

Nevertheless, Song Ji-hyo worried, “Then what happen to his nipples?”. Kim Jong-kook reacted, “They can’t be seen. Why are you stepping on the accelerator?”.

Ha Ha expressed his disapproval, saying “This is why I don’t want to do a love line”. Song Ji-hyo is having an official love line with Kim Jong-kook in “Running Man”.

Yoo Jae-seok showed his discomfort, saying “I’m feeling the same way now. Since Ji-hyo said she enjoyed this love line so much, I think it’s time we abandon it”, drawing laughter. 

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