Roy Kim topped the music chart for his new song “Back to That Time”

Singer Roy Kim topped the music chart.

Since its release on the 14th, Roy Kim‘s new single “Go Back to That Time” has continued to cruise, topping Melon, Genie’s latest chart, and Bugs’ real-time chart.

‘Go Back to That Time’ is the last song in the ‘Farewell Trilogy’ following ‘We Can Break Up’ and ‘Let’s Stop’ released in 2018, and Roy Kim took charge of the lyrics and composition. It is a song that captures the sadness, regret, and emotion of growth when someone, who always seemed to be with, suddenly left.

Roy Kim

Roy Kim continues to be enthusiastically received by listeners when showing his upgraded voice and sensitivity through ‘Back to That Time’.  Roy Kim, who has showcased his explosive singing skills along with the beautiful orchestral melody, is hoping to make a long chart debut with his flawless vocals, which increases the satisfaction of listeners who love ‘We can break up then’ and ‘Let’s stop’.

Roy Kim

In addition, before the official release, Roy Kim has been receiving favorable reviews by pre-released a music video conducted at a local location in Hawaii. Roy Kim’s savory vocals harmonized with the sensuous visual beauty are intact, further maximizing the sensibility of ‘Back to that time’.

Roy Kim will unveil various promotions for his fourth full-length album, which will be released on the 25th. Expectations are also focused on Roy Kim’s colorful musical moves in the second half of the year as the “2022 Roy Kim Concert” is scheduled to be held on November 19 and 20.

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