RM, Nayeon and Jungyeon went to the same highschool

Idols being close to each other before debuting is no longer something new for Kpop fans. For example, in the case of Lisa (BLACKPINK) and Bambam (GOT7), they even became best friends before debut.

But do you know that there are 3 popular idols who are among the top idols in Korea, and are also members of the world’s 2 most famous K-pop groups and it’s worth mentioning that they used to be classmates and went to high school together? Jungyeon, Nayeon (TWICE) and RM (BTS) are the ones we talk about here.

Jungyeon, Nayeon and RM all attended Apgujeong High School in Gangnam. Although they are in different grades (RM was born in 1994, Nayeon was born in 1995, Jungyeon was born in 1996), they all went to school during the same period of time because their ages are close.

While these three are certainly not the only K-Pop idols to have gone to school together, it’s really cool to see the long-standing connections between the two groups!

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