RM (BTS)’s impressive physique change in just 2 years

The leader of BTS now has buffer and stronger shoulders thanks to pilates.

Recently, netizens on theqoo noticed a topic called “RM’s change in appearance”. If in 2017 his body was too skinny, then now he has become a sexy and manly man.


RM lost a lot of weights during the “DNA” promotion in 2017.
He was drowning in these oversize shirts.
His skinny arms were shown everytime he chose to wear a tank top.
In 2018, RM gained weight and drastically changed his physique. He once revealed his training provess to have a healthy body. If members like Jungkook or Jin usually choose the gym, RM prefers pilates.

His shoulders are getting stronger, show off his mature aura.

Everytime RM put on a shirt, fan’s heart is melted just by seeing his tight muscles under the fabric.

RM is called “the President of ARMY” thanks to his calm and manly image during the Grammy backstage in Feb 2019.

Thanks to his perfect physique, RM looks good in anything style he wears without any effort.

The leader of BTS is complimented for his healthy and energetic body. However, fans also say that BTS’s members shouldn’t be too strict on their diet in order to have enough energy to finish their packed schedules.

Sources: ione

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