Results of BLACKPINK’s full album ‘THE ALBUM’ in the first week has surprised Knetizens

BLACKPINK did not only sold the most albums in the first week for a K-pop girlgroup, but also entered the top 10 dominated by male artists.

Previously, YG artists were considered not as strong in the album segment as other artists, but BLACKPINK has broken this stereotype through sales of their first full album, THE ALBUM. After 4 years, they just released their first full-album, so as soon as it was announced that fans ordered the album continuously.

THE ALBUM reached sales of 590,000 copies on the first day of sale (October 6), breaking the entire record of all female idols in Kpop. The number of albums that BLACKPINK sold after a week exceeded 689,000 copies. As of 19h50 (KST) October 13, the album sales reached 700,240 copies. Compared to the first week sales of the single ‘How You Like That’, which BLACKPINK released in July (more than 204.3 thousand copies), THE ALBUM’s sales volume was 3 times higher.

BLACKPINK sets new record for the highest number of albums sold by K-pop girl group in the first week.

Their sales of THE ALBUM was twice as high as IZ * ONE – the second group with the album Oneiric Diary (more than 389.3 thousand copies). TWICE – the girlgroup known as the ‘album queen’ – even dropped to No. 4 when their latest record sales of MORE & MORE hit only 332.4 thousand copies in the first week.

BLACKPINK not only surpasses female artists but also competes directly with boygroups.They ranked 10th in the chart of 50 artists with the highest album sales in the first week, just behind the famous names in the sales segment such as BTS, SEVENTEEN, EXO, Baekhyun, …

BLACKPINK’s outstanding growth in the album segment has made Korean netizens extremely impressed. Previously, BLACKPINK’s album sales were only average in the common ground.However, thanks to the increasing number of fans, they have surpassed the girl group and are on the same level as male artists.

Knet commented:

  • BLACKPINK is on the same level as boy groups
  • Well, the #1 girl group of all time
  • Congratulations! I really like this new song
  • Congratulations to BLACKPINK 
  • BLACKPINK is the best, let’s do better in future
  • And BLACKPINK ‘THE ALBUM’ is #2 on Billboard 200, BLACKPINK is definitely the #1 girl group in Korea at this time
  • Wow, crazy. BLACKPINK is just a boy group without enlistment.
  • Next time, BLACKPINK will break BLACKPINK’s record
  • Wow, BLACKPINK sold almost twice as much as IZ*ONE
  • BLACKPINK is the best among girl groups


 Sources: knetizen

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