Reply 1988’s perfect casting: Young Lee Il Hwa and Hyeri actually look like they’re related!

A photo of actress Lee Il Hwa when she was young shares a striking resemblance to her on-screen daughter Hyeri in Reply 1988.

Reply 1988 aired 6 years ago, but topics related to the well-loved drama still frequently surface online, especially among fans of Korean TV series. Recently, an old photo taken during her 20s of actress Lee Il Hwa, who took on the role of Duk Sun’s mother (Hyeri), was suddenly shared by netizens. Interestingly, when placed next to a casual photo of Hyeri, the mother and daughter duo look somewhat similar, especially in the smiles and eyes.

Young Lee Il Hwa and Hyeri
Viewers accidentally notice that young Lee Il Hwa and Hyeri look similar
Young Lee Il Hwa and Hyeri
Lee Il Hwa 
Young Lee Il Hwa and Hyeri
And Duk Sun in the Reply 1988

When looking at this comparison, the viewers give many compliments to Shin PD for his convincing selection of actors. Although Lee Il Hwa and Hyeri do not look much alike in the drama, partly because of Lee Il Hwa aging and her character’s styling, the audience are still satisfied with the casting. 

Young Lee Il Hwa and Hyeri

Audience comments:

  • Turns out Duk Sun is as pretty as her mother
  • I really respect Shin PD.  He always chooses the best actors
  • They look like real mother and daughter.
  • Shin PD is such an amazing director!

Talking more about the “national mom” Lee Il Hwa, she was born in 1971 and is now 50 years old.  In her youth, Lee Il Hwa possessed a charming, sweet, and very cool appearance, quite similar to the style that Hyeri pursued.

Many people are surprised when they look back at her old photos because, despite the fact that it was decades ago, Lee Il Hwa appeared with the fashion sense, hair, and makeup style of a modern-day teenager. At the age of 50, she is still constantly appearing in many hit movies, but because she plays the role of a busy mother, her appearance is not cared for much.

Young Lee Il Hwa and Hyeri
Young Lee Il Hwa and Hyeri
Young Lee Il Hwa and Hyeri
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