Recently debut but already got into a dating scandal, is Kang Daniel a target of LM Ent.’s dirty trick?

The dating news between Kang Daniel and Jihyo (TWICE) is the main gossip topic of today.

Today, Aug 5th, Dispatch stirred up the entire netizen community with the dating news of the most powerful couple of K-Pop at the moment – the nation’s center Kang Daniel and TWICE’s leader Jihyo. According to Dispatch, even though both have very tight schedules due to their famous names, they still try to meet each other at least once a week. Kang Daniel and Jihyo always find a chance to see each other even though TWICE is busy with their world tour.

Dispatch exposed the hottest couple of the current K-Pop scene

Dispatch’s proofs of this relationship surprise all the fans.

Especially, this situation happened right at a very sensitive moment. Kang Daniel has just debuted recently after all the hardships in the lawsuit with his former agency. This is seen as a disadvantage for Kang Daniel’s activity who is widely loved by the K-Pop community.

Kang Daniel has just debuted recently on July 25th with “What are you up to”

This news is giving netizens the idea that LM Entertainment – the former agency of Kang Daniel which has been through a long and troublesome lawsuit against Kang Daniel – is behind all of this. LM Entertainment was very determined to win against Daniel in the lawsuit regarding his exclusive contract, which means Kang Daniel’s winning the right to work independently more or less infuriates this agency.

At the time when Kang Daniel was promoting his debut track “What Are You Up To”, LM has tried to prevent the nation’s center prom appearing on music stages. And who knows, the footages which are seen as dating proofs of Kang Daniel and Jihyo are provided by LM?

When will the nation’s center Kang Daniel…
Be able to escape the “sour lime” LM Entertainment?

At the moment, both KONNECT Entertainment and JYP Entertainment have confirmed that the 2 artists are indeed dating and have good feelings towards each other.

Source: Kenh14

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