K-drama fans share a shocking theory, claiming Song Joong Ki’s brother in “Reborn Rich” is Bang Si Hyuk

Many are saying that the character Jin Hyung Joon, Jin Do Joon’s older brother in “Reborn Rich”, is inspired by Bang Si Hyuk (50), the largest shareholder of BTS’ agency HYBE.

The two main characters leading “Reborn Rich” are Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki), who returns back to life as another person, and Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min). However, the supporting actors’ passionate performances also serve as a added spices to boost the drama’s immersion.

Jin Hyung Joon (Kang Ki Doong) is a representative example. While most of the characters have pretty heavy settings, his is particularly pleasant. He is depicted as the poor third generation of a conglomerate family, who is not interested in making money or fighting for succession rights.

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But he has a special hunch. He often surprises his younger brother, Jin Do Joon, by surprisingly predicting what will happen in the future. His prediction about the movie Titanic was wrong, but he accurately identified the needs of customers at the time. He has left quite accurate predictions such as “Parasite” winning the Academy Award, BTS achieving No. 1 on the Billboard chart, Apple’s iPod, South Korea’s advance to the World Cup semifinals, and the digital music service Melon.

With his humurous character, he seemed to play the role of “a ventilator” in the breathtaking power struggle plotline. However, he finally proves his worth in the 2020s when he is in his 40s, not in the 1990s when he was in his 20s.

Bang Si-hyuk

In the 11th episode, which aired on Dec 11th, he was implied as the CEO of a company called “Mega Hit Entertainment” in 2022.

Netizens started replacing Megahit Entertainment in the play with “Big Hit Entertainment” in tone and reality. The founder and largest shareholder of Big Hit Entertainment, which is BTS’ agency, is Bang Si Hyuk, the current chairman of HYBE. Big Hit Entertainment was renamed HYBE last year.

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If this reference is correct, Jin Hyung Joon might be the real power hidden behind the people of Sun Yang family.

Another reason for the theory of “Jin Hyung Joon is Bang Si Hyuk” is the details related to Samsung Group.

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It is widely believed that Sun Yang Group, the center of “Reborn Rich,” was modeled after Samsung Group, while Chairman Bang Si Hyuk also has some connections with Samsung.

Chairman Bang Joon Hyuk, the largest shareholder of Netmarble, Korea’s second-largest game company, is a relative of Chairman Bang Si Hyuk. However, the second-largest shareholder of Netmarble is CJ ENM. CJ Group, which has CJ ENM, is a somewhat far-fetched scheme from the Samsung Group one.

Source: Wikitree

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