Reasons why fans are glad to see Kim Woo-bin back on variety TV shows, now understand why Shin Min-ah falls for him 

Actor Kim Woo-bin, who had had a long hiatus due to his fight against nasopharyngeal cancer, has returned to the TV screen. 

Actor Kim Woo-bin, who had had a long hiatus due to his fight against nasopharyngeal cancer, has returned to the TV screen. This time, he met viewers through entertainment programs and not dramas or movies which are his main jobs. Kim Woo-bin is one of the celebrities who rarely appear on entertainment programs. Perhaps that’s why his appearance this time came out fresher than expected, making the viewers pay more attention to him than Jo In-sung, Cha Tae-hyun, or the funny Lee Kwang-soo. He is handsome, tall, and has wide shoulders, is the lover of beautiful actress Shin Min-ah, but he generously showed his everything in his return project, “Boss By Chance 2.”

In the latest episode of tvN’s ““Boss By Chance 2” (directed by Ryu Ho-jin, Yoon In-hoe), which aired on Mar 10th, Kim Woo-bin showed off his aspect of an ace part-timer by communicating with customers more leisurely than anyone on the first day of work. He also captivated viewers by telling honest stories that he had not been able to do since his hiatus.

Kim Woo-bin back on variety TV shows

On this day, Kim Woo-bin showed his friendly charm by showing a playful appearance. Kim Woo-bin heated the chocolate pie in the microwave for the first time in his life at the recommendation of Cho In-sung and Lim Joo-hwan, then admired the taste of that chocolate pie. In addition, Kim Woo-bin put the receipt on his neck like a scarf and made a bright face, while Lee Kwang-soo raised his thumb, saying, “You look rich.”.

Kim Woo-bin traveled around with his long legs, showing his sincerity more than anyone else. He diligently looked around for a customer who was looking for a lighter and assisted the elderlies who visited the mart, constantly asking them “How, how can I help you?” “Are you here to dine-in?”, revealing his refreshing charm. In addition, when the guests who visited the outdoor coin karaoke sang, he waved his hands with Lee Kwang-soo and excitedly enjoyed the songs together.

Kim Woo-bin back on variety TV shows

In particular, his chemistry with young children also stood out. One child said, “I have watched “The Con Artists,” I’m so happy to see you”. Kim Woo-bin said, “How old are you? I think “The Con Artists” was a 15-rated movie thou,” he joked. The stunned child then made an excuse, saying, “I saw it with my father,” and Kim Woo-bin patted him, saying, “Congratulations on your graduation.”

In addition, when a child asked, “Are you filming now? I hope this goes on air,” Kim Woo-bin kindly led the child in front of the camera. Then he asked, “Do you have a girlfriend?” and when the child said, “We broke up,” he proposed a video letter, drawing attention. The child then said, “Thank you so much. Let’s meet again in our next life,” leaving a video letter more seriously than expected. Kim Woo-bin, who was moved, hugged the child and said, “I’m sorry for saying something so useless. This won’t do. Eat something. I’ll pay for you,” he said, showing off his “big brother” warm heart.

Kim Woo-bin back on variety TV shows

He also sent an affectionate gaze to a young girl. When the girl said, “My name is Si-yoon, not Si-eun,” Kim Woo-bin said, “I know, Si-yoon not Si-eun, please come again.”

Another busy day passed, and dinner time came. Kim Woo-bin added warmth by revealing an anecdote that he traveled with his father six years ago. In the meantime, he drank a few cans of non-alcoholic beers, showing that he was in a good mood. When Lee Kwang-soo joked, “You shouldn’t let alcohol interfere with your tomorrow’s duty,” Kim Woo-bin said, “I have self-control. I’ll quit before I make a mistake,” he replied, rambling.

Kim Woo-bin back on variety TV shows

Cha Tae-hyun then said, “How many years has it been since Woo-bin appeared on TV?” and added, “This is your first time since the Blue Dragon Film Festival, right?” Cho In-sung, Lee Kwang-soo, and Lim Joo-hwan all recalled the time, saying, “You were really cool.” Earlier, Kim Woo-bin shocked fans by announcing the news of his fight against nasopharyngeal cancer in 2017. He suspended his activities for two and a half years and devoted himself to treatment, recovered, and appeared as a presenter at the 2019 Blue Dragon Film Awards, giving fans his welcoming return.

In response, Lee Kwang-soo said, “I got to meet Woo-bin for a while at that time, and I teared up a bit,” and Kim Woo-bin said, “Kwang-soo received an award in front of me,” making everyone laugh.

Kim Woo Bin Shin Min Ah donation for wildfire victims

Cho In-sung asked, “You didn’t know your return work would be an entertainment show, right?” Kim Woo-bin said, “I know.Lee Kwang-soo also said, “It’s been a while since he last came out, but he almost only appeared in a mask,” making everyone laugh again.

Kim Woo-bin regretted, saying, “My grandmother cannot recognize me well anymore.” He then beckoned to the camera, saying “Grandmother, I’m back on TV.” His fans now wonder if they had seen Kim Woo-bin smiling so broadly like this in dramas or movies before. His real laughter in everyday life is revealed through this entertainment show, drawing attention.

Kim Woo-bin back on variety TV shows

Until now, the support of his lover Shin Min-ah has always been a hot topic. Shin Min-ah and Kim Woo-bin joined the same agency and even appeared in the same drama together. The public supports their relationship. Through Kim Woo-bin’s appearance in the entertainment show, they realized why Shin Min-ah fell for him. He isn’t just a handsome man with Pacific-like broad shoulders. He is someone who likes children, is friendly to adults, and is more sincere than anyone else. Kim Woo-bin’s return through entertainment show is quite successful as it is clear that the public’s favorability for him has increased even further.

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