Reaction of a Top K-pop Girl Group Watching Their Eldest Member Perform a Sensual Dance

This is also a controversial movement in the second solo music video of this female idol!

On June 14th, TWICE’s eldest member Nayeon released her second solo album “NA” along with the title track “ABCD”. The song’s energetic tempo and intense melody presented a completely different image compared to her first album.

Notably, a segment in the MV shows that Nayeon has truly stepped out of her comfort zone. Specifically, the singer performed a dance considered quite provocative while being lifted by male dancers. Due to its bold nature, Nayeon decided to modify the choreography for her performances on music shows.

twice nayeon

Recently, Nayeon and TWICE members watched and reacted to the “ABCD” MV together. The nine girls from JYP Entertainment discussed animatedly throughout the viewing. In the solo dance segment, Nayeon covered her face with her hands, appearing embarrassed.

However, the most shocking part for the other TWICE members was the provocative dance move by their eldest sister. Most of them were left agape upon seeing this scene, while Nayeon seemed frozen by her younger sisters’ reaction. TWICE immediately questioned, “Our company allows something like this? (referring to the sensual dance). Why such a change?” Member Jeongyeon then remarked, “Is it because we’ve all grown up that the company allows this now?

twice nayeon

All the TWICE members were thrilled after watching Nayeon’s new MV, expressing a desire to see it on a larger screen.

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