Rain “Kim Tae-hee will save our daughters first, but I will save her first”

Singer and actor Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) mentioned his two daughters.

On June 3, a video featuring Rain as a guest was posted on comedian Shin Dong-yeop’s YouTube channel ‘Zzan Bro’.

Referring to his 8-year-old and 6-year-old daughters, Rain confessed, “If somebody asks when I feel the happiest, I will answer like this. I put two king-sized beds together at my house. My two daughters sleep with me on those, my first daughter on the right and my second daughter on the left. Then nothing can me envy in the world.” “They are everything to me,” Rain said with a father’s smile.

Rain then said, “I ask Kim Tae-hee who would she save first among our daughters and me, she answered our daughters without taking a second. I told her, ‘I’ll save you first,'” adding “That’s what matters. Women want to hear that.”

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