Rain “I weighed up to 95kg…I thought I could really lose my life at this rate”

Rain revealed the reason why he went on a diet.

On Feb 2nd, the YouTube channel “Season B Season” uploaded a video titled “Ji Young, a friend of the same age who came to Rain’s Kitchen”.

In this video, star instructor Lee Ji Young appeared as a guest and had time to talk with Rain.

Bi Rain

Rain asked Lee Ji Young, who got skinnier, “Did you lose some weight?” Lee Ji Young revealed that she lost 14kg.

Hearing this, Rain confessed, “I actually weighed up to 95kg. I started to lose weight because I thought I could really lose my life at this rate.”

He added, “That’s the beginning and I’m maintaining it.” He showed a mindset to perfectly manage himself as a “professional maintainer” beyond a “professional dieter”.

Source: nate

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